For Job Seekers/Employees

Aspergers at Work can coach you on how to master the interview process as well as everyday working life. Services include:

Interview preparation inkl. CV preparation and interview training
on the topics of workplace behaviour,  office politics, working in a team, communication skills
Support on-site:
workplace adjustments, coping with everyday situations


Aspergers at Work GmbH

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4107 Ettingen

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For Employers/HR Professionals

If you would like to hire an employee with AS, already have an employee with AS, or would like to provide training or coaching to your employees on the topic of AS, services include:

Information sessions inkl. lunch talks
Manager/Employee Training
incl. communication skills
Support on-site:
workplace adjustments, modes of behaviour

Are you someone with Asperger Syndrome (AS) looking for a job or do you have a position but require support? Are you an employer or HR professional and would like to find out more about AS?  Aspergers at Work can help you.




Coaching: CHF 130.-/hour or upon agreement. 


Coaching/Training: CHF 180.-/hour

Lunch Talks/Presentations: upon request